Eco Walls: Living Walls from Ambius

Looking for something different to enhance your office or retail space? Why not try our unique Eco Wall; a free standing ‘green screen’ that incorporates living plants in each of its four eco-units. Each eco-unit acts as a miniature self-sustaining eco-system in a glass brick.

Eco Walls: Sustainable Design

The Eco Wall is designed to suit almost any office building, reception area or even retail space. Looking to incorporate a green design into your office space? This living wall is an eco-friendly and sustainable product, as the wooden stand is made from pine (and alien species) or poplar timber (a renewable resource). This living stand is available in beech-wood and mahogany finishes to complement a wide range of interior designs.

Other uses of Eco Walls:

Instead of live plants, one can also fill the eco-units with seeds and pods from various indigenous South African trees to create an interesting botanical display, or with silk flowers, colored water, stone chips and dry wood for a colorful flower display.

Looking to incorporate indoor plants on your premises? Ambius also offers Green Walls, perfect for enhancing high traffic areas such as lobbies and reception areas and perfect as a green screen for dividing interior office space. Learn more about how Green Walls can enhance and benefit your office space.

Whatever your preference, we’re sure you will be delighted with the unique Eco Wall. Contact an Ambius design consultant today regarding an Eco Wall for your office or interior.

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