Ambius University

Ambius University has been established to create and deliver programmes that add value to the Ambius business through continuing education, training, research and development and the management of our sustainability and environmental projects. Ambius University is also responsible for the publication of technical literature and our series of research-backed white papers and for liaising with our research partners at Prism (at the University of Exeter).

Ambius University is managed by a board of five people: Kenneth Freeman (head of Ambius University and technical director),: Jeff Mariola (managing director), Michelle Rodwell (divisional vice president, marketing), Erwin Schuurman (Netherlands service manager) and Shannon Tipton (learning and development manager). Colleagues from the various countries and regions are represented by an advisory committee. The committee ensures that the programmes that are developed are relevant and appropriate to the businesses in each region. Additional volunteers contribute by joining project teams, whilst the senior management team ensures that the programmes are implemented in their regions.

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Ambius University Mission Statement

Through building knowledge and identifying excellence, Ambius University will develop tools and provide support, which will empower all colleagues to deliver a consistent service experience to our customers that lives up to the Ambius vision, mission and values. Ambius University focuses on individual colleagues, creates the tools to translate our brand values into action, and gives genuine empowerment to everyone that will allow us to take ownership of our customer relationships and experiences, which is both motivating and fun.

Lifetime Learning

As an Ambius customer, you can be sure that your service technician will possess two very special qualities: passion and knowledge. That's because he or she has benefited from the experience of the very people who have helped make Ambius a market leader, through a development programme that we call Lifetime Learning.

The root of our success

Our Lifetime Learning programme is the foundation of our success. It ensures that we are able to develop relationships with our customers that enable us to understand their business and anticipate their needs. It ensures we are able to listen, communicate and take action. And it ensures that we use our knowledge to provide solutions that bring harmony and vibrancy to our customers' environments.

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