About Ambius

Ambius is different. It's changing the way we think about our workplace and about the environment with which we want to surround ourselves. Most importantly, it's getting you to think about what's right for your company.

Our vision

Ambius will be the premier creator of ambience for businesses, which enriches the work experience and enables people to thrive.

Our mission

To provide world-class service experiences that enhance business environments, growing on our core leadership position in interior landscaping to offer a broad range of services including plants, holiday decorating, art, and ambient scenting to businesses in our chosen markets of North America, Europe, South Africa, and Asia Pacific.

To create harmonious surroundings, as well as improve employee well-being, customer satisfaction, and brand image through our research-supported services.

Through teamwork, we promise to service our customers and build long lasting relationships.

Our values

Service: We are passionate about delivering excellent service to every customer.

Relationships: We value productive, long lasting relationships with our colleagues and customers.

Teamwork: We work together to deliver great results.

We are passionate about our colleagues and customers. They are at the center of everything we do. We live by four actions that express how we feel about our relationships …inspire, connect, engage and grow.

Ambius Service Promise

With my colleagues and customers I promise to:

  • Inspire their imaginations
  • Connect with a smile
  • Engage them emotionally
  • Grow their knowledge

Our service values

  1. We do what we say we will do by providing the best solution for our customers’ concerns.
  2. We keep our colleagues and customers informed about changes that affect them.
  3. We listen to individual needs and concerns, and act on what they tell us.
  4. We will display a passion for all we do, taking ownership and managing customer relations.
  5. We offer new ideas to improve our business and customer relations.
  6. We treat our colleagues with respect and recognize that everyone has an important contribution to make.
  7. We take ownership of our professional appearance and tools, which makes us successful.
  8. We are empowered to inspire each other to delight our customers and achieve our goals.
  9. We will connect with our customers through honest, focused and straightforward conversations.
  10. We are engaged in all we do.
  11. We use every opportunity to grow our knowledge.

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