African and Indigenous Plants

African and Indigenous Plants ranges

At Ambius, our preference is to supply and maintain plants which originate in South Africa and from the African continent.

These are hardy plants that tolerate and thrive in a wide range of environmental conditions. They not only cultivate the richness of the South African heritage, but also promote and support South African and African biodiversity.

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The below showcases a small selection of our most popular African and Indigenous indoor plants. We can supply most types of plants on the market. If there is anything you might have in mind which is not showcased below, please contact us so we can arrange a type of indoor plant that suits your interior design and emphasises your decor style.

Please note that images displayed in our catalogue are a representation of the actual plants and do not indicate actual size and proportion. Our interior landscaping experts will be able to discuss actual sizing with you to suit your interior layout and space. 

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African and Indigenous Plants Range


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