Exotic Plant Range

Exotic Plants Range

Exotic plants are indoor plants that come from various parts of the world, mostly from tropical and subtropical regions of America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Europe.

These indoor plants live in variety of habitats and for their positioning it is necessary to select interior area which will correspond well to their native environment and their needs. They provide an exotic, attractive look and feel indoors and offer different types, shapes, colour and texture of leaves.

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The indoor plants showcased below is only a small variety of our most popular Exotic plants. We can provide most types of plants on the market. If you have not found what you are looking for, or have a plant in mind, please contact us and we'll assist you with our wide variety of plants. We'll do our utmost to make sure that we complement and enhance your interior decor and create a visually attractive indoor plant display.

Please note that images displayed in our catalogue are a representation of the actual plants and do not indicate actual size and proportion. Our interior landscaping experts will be able to discuss actual sizing with you to suit your interior layout and space. 

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Exotic Plant Range


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