Indoor Plants Catalogue

At Ambius, we offer our clients a wide range of top quality indoor plants. Each specimen is carefully grown to exacting specifications and then adapted for an indoor environment before installation takes place at your premises.

Ambius' plants are of consistent high quality. Our indoor plants are disease and insect free, uniformly full, with healthy deep green foliage and a well-developed root system.

Not only do office plants help to brighten up your workspace and enhance your interior environment, but they have many health and wellness benefits too!

Choosing the right indoor plants to thrive in their interior environment:

Because adequate lighting is the single most important determinant of interior planting success, plants should always be selected to suit the light levels of their proposed location. Within each range we have plants suited to high, medium and low light levels. Our trained Ambius experts will measure light levels in your building which is measured in Lux - the international unit of the brightness of light. They will then recommend and provide you with plant options that are best suited to your indoor environment.

Once the plants’ lighting needs are established, plants are then chosen for their size, shape, colour and texture to compliment the client’s décor, stimulate the senses and enhance the visitor experience.

We offer both African and Indigenous; as well as Exotic plant ranges. Please click on any of the below to explore our plant catalogues.

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