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Live with the Font of Life

We all know that water is essential to survival, but we also tend to take it for granted. However, when human beings lived in a more natural environment, being close to a reliable source of water was a matter of life or death, which is probably why we instinctively feel reassured when we can see or hear water.

Make use of what is already there. If there is a built-in water feature, in an atrium for instance, or even a tank of tropical fish, design some plant displays to draw attention to it. In some locations, there may be a view over a water feature, pond or lake in the grounds of your building. Try and make sure they are visible and brought into the landscape design.

Art. Scenes of lakes, water falls, rivers and the sea will be most welcome in the sterile environs of many modern buildings. Go for a large-scale picture or even a mural if you can.

Sound effects. Without wanting to risk a rush to washrooms, why not include the sound of running water, babbling streams or even waves breaking on a beach? Gentle, subtle sound effects are easy to add to the full sensory mix.

The sight and sound of water can really bring an interior landscape to life ? it enhances the sensory experience of your buildings, so as well as the visual appeal of water, the sound and smell can add an extra dimension.

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