Benefits of Art On Canvas

Wall Art enhances your working environment:

Not only does our  range of art on canvas provide a welcoming environment for your customers, but it can also enhance and help to communicate your brand values, bring life to dead spaces, invigorate colleagues and define specific areas.

Our range of acoustic wall art is not only beautiful, but has the added benefit of reducing noise, making it the perfect solution for meeting rooms and noisy open plan areas. Find out more about our acoustic artwork.

For workers in an office or open plan work area, wall art can provide a well-needed distraction to prevent excessive concentration on a computer monitor.  Health and safety initiatives recommend that people take regular breaks from staring at their screens, and a piece of artwork can offer another point of focus. 

Ambius Wall Art will:

  • inspire your visitors and clients
  • enhance your credibility and reputation
  • make a positive statement about you and your business
  • motivate your staff, with a refreshing & inspiring environment
  • communicate core beliefs

Research shows that art in the workplace does not only contribute to an indoor environment's overall aesthetic appearance, but it also has a positive impact on businesses and their employees.  Read a research paper on The Importance of Art in the Workplace.

We all need a change of scenery every now and again to break the routine. Renting canvas art gives you the flexibility to regularly switch the artwork on your walls. By renting art on canvas from Ambius, you benefit from:

  • Design freedom: no need to purchase the images, only to then be stuck with the same canvas prints for years
  • Cash flow friendly with no up-front art rental costs
  • No on-going depreciation costs of wall art

Art on Canvas from Ambius is an environment friendly solution

By choosing Ambius Art on Canvas, you are also choosing a sustainable product. Our canvas prints are made from polyester, which is a by-product of oil refining. The prints are machine-washable and will not shrink or crease. They are also unaffected by humidity, and are impervious to mildew or fungus.

The latest dye sublimation technology is used to print our canvases. This means that only water-based inks are used and that no toxins, pollutants or solvents are released into the atmosphere during printing. As the ink bonds with the fibre, the canvas print cannot be scratched off.

Framing is a zero carbon process, as the frame is made of polystyrene with 80% recycled compound. The frame is water, warp and UV proof and will not bend due to moisture.

We'd love to hear from you. For more information on renting wall art, call 0800 AMBIUS (262 487) to speak with our specialist team of consultants, or contact us online.

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Business Benefits of Art

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases creativity
  • Increases alertness
Business Benefits of Arts

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