Acoustic art - sound insulation

Introducing acoustic inserts for our Ambius Art on Canvas: beautiful wall art that reduces noise.

Did you know that a recent study by the American Society of Interior Designers showed that as many as 70% of office workers believe that they could work more efficiently if their workspaces were quieter?

Ambius can help:
For areas with high levels of background noise such as call centers and open plan offices, or with large expanses of bare walls and hard surfaces, Ambius offers an acoustic insert for our wall art canvasses. Acoustic foam is inserted into the back of the wall art frame, and as the inserts sit flush with the frame, they are invisible to the naked eye.

For more information on the Ambius acoustic inserts for Art on Canvases, call 0800 AMBIUS (262 487) to speak with our specialist team of consultants, or contact us online.

Image showing Ambius Acoustic Art
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