Flowering Plants in Beautiful Plant Pots

Beautiful orchids are the ideal indoor plant to brighten up your workplace
Ambius offers a selection of flowering orchids to provide long-lasting colour in your workplace, without the hassle of constantly having to replace fresh cut flowers.

The beautiful Phalaenopsis orchid is an ideal for brightening reception areas, desks or small meeting rooms. This indoor plant grows well in areas without direct sunlight, and can flower for up to three months if cared for properly. Ambius offers this delicate flowering plant in white or pink, planted in elegant and stylish desk bowls. Orchids are planted up in desk bowls which are available in a wide range of styles and colours, suited to a variety of modern interior designs. Take a look at our catalogue for some inspiration on our range of plant pots.

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Ambius professionals will visit your premises on a regular basis to care for your orchids, keeping them healthy, flowering, and pleasing to the eye. We guarantee our orchids will remain blooming, thus maintaining a pleasing indoor plant display for visitors and colleagues alike.

To speak to an Ambius design consultant regarding flowering plants for your office or interior, or to request a quote, call Ambius on 0800 AMBIUS (0800 262 487) for more information or  fill out ouronline enquiry form.

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