Benefits of Exterior Landscaping

Create that vital first impression for your business with well-designed and maintained exterior landscaping from Ambius.  Professional-looking entrances and grounds help you to engage with your customers and shows your company takes pride in the work you do.

Not only do plants and flowers look aesthetically appealing; they also serve other really important roles for us. Plants and trees in our towns and cities help cool the air temperature, combating dangerous temperatures caused by heat waves.  Trees and hedges is a great landscaping idea that can also help bring heating costs and energy consumption down by providing shelter and insulation.

Well-placed foliage, such as trees and shrubs, can help to conceal unpleasant views and quieten sounds that may distract from your business.  Diverse planting provides the perfect habitat for supporting a range of wildlife, which is especially helpful in urban areas.

Ambius provides bright and cheerful or ornamental plant displays, rockeries or sleek and sophisticated landscaping at the entrance to your building, or even a designer courtyard garden for colleagues and guests to enjoy.

Call us on 0800 AMBIUS (262 487) for one of our sales consultants to come and create a beautiful exterior garden design for your business. You can also contact us online.

Image showing Exterior Landscaping from Ambius SA
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