Abbott Laboratories case study

Visitors and staff make comments about the indoor plants, especially the Ficus trees. Steve Dearman, the Building Services Manager commented: “the plants are the finishing touches that make our building look the best it possibly can.”

The Brief

The decision to have office plants was made primarily for environmental reasons. The customer wanted an attractive setting in which staff could work and relax. Apart from indoor plants and wall art in offices, a large atrium restaurant and plenty of green recycling facilities are available throughout the building. There are over 300 staff in the brand new 3-storey building, which is mainly open-plan. There are breakout areas, a few enclosed offices and several large meeting rooms. The building is glazed on all sides.

The Solution

Ambius provided a mixture of free-standing indoor plant displays (72 in total) using a mixture of plants from the Dracaena family. Our client did not want too many different types of plants in order to maintain a sense of design continuity. A number of indoor plants are positioned in such a way to create an appealing display to the onlooker. The atrium restaurant and reception houses 8 large Ficus trees (each over 3.5 metres tall), which fill the spaces without encroaching on the wall art and office furniture.

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The Results

The site is clean, open-plan and fitted with low filing units. The interior plants create a warmer and much more pleasant environment in which to work. The client is a pharmaceutical company and many of the staff already understand the benefits that office plants provide; so much so that many people have named their plants and are extremely protective of them. They all know their Ambius technician by name and ask them for advice about the plants they have at home.

Image showing the results of our work at Abbott Laboratories
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