Glamal Engineering case study

“Finding a Beaucarnia of such quality and size was a real challenge, but the results are well worth the effort!”

The Brief

Glamal Engineering requested Ambius to provide them with indoor plants and wall art for an entrance lobby, large reception area, open-plan offices and a staff common room. The office plant displays had to reflect the modern style of the building and cope with the variety of environmental conditions.

The entrance lobby can get rather cold and the glazed reception area is the main pedestrian route through the building.

The Solution

Exotic looking palms that perform well in colder environments were chosen for the entrance lobby. A large and stunning Beaucarnea recurvata is the centre piece of the reception, complemented by smaller indoor plants and colourful Anthuriums.

The sophisticated, modern theme is continued through into the open-plan offices where a selection of small indoor plants were arranged along with colour co-ordinated botanical wall art from Ambius's Art on Canvas range.

Glamal Engineering Case Study image

The Results

Sleek, modern yet still welcoming, the new plant displays in the reception area provide the large open space with a warm ambiance. Our client has received positive comments about the Beaucarnea recurvata in the reception area and is delighted that the project has been submitted for an award.

Image showing Ambius Interior Landscaping at Glamal Engineering
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