Ambius case studies

Take a look at our indoor plant case studies for more information on the plant displays we have created for our clients:

  • Abbott Laboratories:The decision to have indoor plants was made primarily for environmental reasons. In addition, the customer required an attractive setting for staff to work and relax in.
  • Glamal Engineering: Glamal Engineering asked Ambius to provide office plants and wall art for an entrance lobby, large reception area, open-plan offices and a staff common room. The plant displays needed to reflect the modern style of the building and cope with the variety of environmental conditions.
  • ING Car: Working with ING's Office Services Co-ordinator, Ambius designed a new interior landscaping scheme which involved the removal of the original 23 indoor plant displays and their replacement with troughs full of colour, including the well known ING orange, to bring life back into the office without taking up too much valuable floor space.
Image showing photos from Ambius Interior Landscaping Case Studies
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