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How Ambius Indoor Plant Services works

Indoor Plants Services: How does it work?

Whether we’re working with a small company to design the indoor planting for a single office or working with architects and large corporate clients to specify the interior design of state-of-the-art commercial buildings and retail spaces, our design teams are amongst the best.

We'd love you to share your creative ideas with us; why not look at our online catalogue for some inspiration.

Our interior plantscaping designers specialise in selecting plants, planters and accessories to suit the space, lighting, ambience and interior décor of every premise, creating stunning interior landscapes that will stand the test of time.

We make use of various products to enhance your interior design:

The Design Process:

  1. A visit from one of our trained consultants; talking to our clients to get them to vocalise the vision they have is the most important part of the design process. Our consultants work hard to fully understand our clients’ vision to ensure the team delivers on the brief.
  2. The consultant will then carry out a survey; including measurements and light readings for planting schemes. We have yet to meet a client who says that cost is not an issue, so creativity is vital in designing a scheme that meets or exceeds expectations, whilst remaining a competitive option.

Exclusive Design Visualisation Technology is utilised during survey:

Photo Imaging is an exciting way for Ambius customers to visualise plant designs in their specific environment. Our Design Visualisation Technology can transform a dull space into a more attractive and cheerful interior!

Restaurant before and after Design Visualisation Technology

As part of our free survey, our sales consultants will digitally photograph specific areas of a client’s location, and then using software unique to Ambius, will add interior pots and plants, rental art, flowering deskbowls or even greenwalls to the photograph, to provide the client with a visual representation of the suggested plant design.

Lounge depicted before and after Design Visualisation Technology

However involved you want to get in the design process, Ambius will always be here to advise you on indoor plants and accessories that not only look wonderful and complement your organisation’s image, but which also suit the layout, space and light levels available.

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