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Ambius indoor plants: Create your own warm welcome

Our customers in the restaurant, hotel and leisure industries understand just how important first impressions can be. That's why they trust Ambius to create environments that are warm, welcoming and inspiring, and surroundings that radiate a healthy, vibrant aura.

Not only do indoor plants and landscaping schemes help to create a highly individual look, they can also be designed to express your brand and complement your interior décor, reflecting your company's values. Our portfolio includes:

Leisure and conference centres


Devonport House, Thames South Bank

This conference centre occupies part of the historic Greenwich naval hospital complex on the South Bank of the Thames. Indoor plant displays were required for the modern reception area and 1st-floor meeting and refreshment area and entrance. As well as using contemporary plant displays and some custom-made planters, a water feature was installed to add interest to an otherwise dead area underneath a staircase.

Image of Ambius Interior Planting at Devonport House, Greenwich

Hyatt Hotel, Birmingham

A large hotel in Birmingham is the home of these classically-designed office plant displays, which have attracted praise and awards over the years.

Image showing Ambius Interior Landscaping at Hyatt Hotel, Birmingham

Novotel Charenton Hotel, Paris

A modern hotel in Paris is fitted with these stylish, modern indoor plant displays to complement their interior design. These feature many plants from arid zones that are able to cope with the high temperatures and low humidity that are often found in large, air-conditioned spaces.

Image of Ambius Interior Landscaping at Novotel Charenton Hotel, Paris

Radisson SAS Hotel, Amsterdam

Extensive use of greenery helps to break up and humanise the large spaces in the atrium of this hotel whilst adding a touch of class.

Image of Ambius Interior Landscaping at Radisson SAS Hotel, Amsterdam
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