Large spaces portfolio

Ambius has unmatched expertise and capability in producing large space interior landscaping for businesses, and many of our installations have won prestigious awards. Our large-scale project managers work with architects and developers and can manage all aspects of the interior landscaping of a building, including:

  • Design
  • Plant selection and sourcing
  • Installation and on-going maintenance

Our current portfolio for large spaces includes:

Atriums and shopping centres:

(* Ambius won awards for these designs.)

London Bank

The modern head office building of an historic London bank. The atrium features exotic plants in large landscape beds, sculpture and a koi carp pond. The interior landscaping has won several awards for design and maintenance over the last few years.

Image of Interior Landscaping at London Bank

Matrix House, Basingstoke

This multi-storey office building in Basingstoke, Hants is the epitome of large landscape design. There are indoor plant displays on all levels, but the matched set of 16 large Ficus nitida trees forming an avenue in the main atrium is the focal point. The interior landscaping here has won several awards since it was first installed over 15 years ago.

Image of Ambius Interior landscaping at Matrix House, Basingstoke


An atrium has been formed by enclosing the large space where several historic Georgian buildings come together. The atrium is used as a meeting place and refreshment area for the building’s many tenants. The interior design evokes a sense of the exterior with planting in a style similar to that seen out-of-doors (although with indoor plant species that will survive the interior environment).

Image of Ambius Interior landscaping at Millbank, London

Schlumberger, Cambridge

Schlumberger's research and development centre on the outskirts of Cambridge occupies an iconic building designed by Sir Michael Hopkins. The indoor plant displays in the central part of the building get a significant amount of their light from daylight that is transmitted through the translucent fabric that forms the building’s envelope. The interior landscaping here has won awards following a recent redesign of the displays.

Image of Ambius Interior landscaping at Schlumberger, Cambridge

Sheffield Winter Garden

A purpose-built covered public park in the centre of Sheffield houses a huge collection of exotic plants from around the world. The structure - which uses an innovative timber construction method - is the recipient of several architectural awards, whilst the interior landscaping has won awards for horticultural excellence.

Image of Interior Landscaping at Sheffield Winter Garden

Stockley House, London Victoria

An anonymous office building in London's Victoria district houses one of the country's most exciting large interior landscape schemes. The indoor plant design includes a dense planting of lush tropical species together with an interior pond and a fountain that shoots a jet of water several storeys high, making Stockley house an especially interesting place to work.

Image of Interior landscaping at Stockley House, London Victoria

Victoria Plaza

An ultra-modern office building adjacent to Victoria Station required contemporary indoor plants both indoors and outdoors.

Image of Interior Landscaping at Victoria Plaza, London
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