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Ambius office plants display: Wonderful workplaces

Like it or not, the office is where many of us spend most of our waking lives. So doesn't it make sense for us to try to make it as pleasant a place as we can?

Ambius creates interiors that are appealing to look at, and brings life to dead spaces. Office plants and flowers that are lovingly maintained can reduce stress, inspire fresh ideas, improve productivity and lift ones mood. Our interior designs for office landscaping can improve air quality and influence humidity.

Here are some examples of offices we have landscaped:

Westminster, London UK

The historic Georgian building in Westminster is now used as the offices of a social housing management company. Many areas are open plan, so office plants are used to divide the indoor space, provide privacy and make the interior feel more human without detracting from democratic ethos of the organization.

Image showing Ambius Interior landscaping in an office in Westminster, London

Office building in the Netherlands

A contemporary office building in the Netherlands was significantly brightened by incorporating office plant displays to reflect the modern feel of the place. The plants make a statement without being too obtrusive. The use of paired plants in plant pots with a small footprint, is an effective way of enhancing the space without taking up too much room on the ground.

Image showing Ambius Interior landscaping in an office in The Netherlands

Netherlands Office

Office plant displays were incorporated into a Dutch office building to compliment the modern style of the space. The indoor plants make a beautiful statement without being too conspicuous.

Image showing Ambius Interior landscaping in an office in The Netherlands
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