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Ambius Interior Landscaping: creating a consumer habitat

Whether we're talking large shopping centres or individual shops and showrooms, the interior retail environment can really benefit from imaginative indoor plant displays. They make everyone feel more comfortable and help to create a relaxing atmosphere in which your customers feel ready to linger, shop and spend.

Ambius can show you how indoor plants can be used to help you differentiate between areas of your retail space. Use indoor plants to highlight points of interest, such as food courts, or use them as living sign posts to places such as car parks and escalators.

Our portfolio for retail includes:

(* Ambius won awards for this design.)

Meadowhall in Sheffield

One of the UK's largest shopping centres is Meadowhall in Sheffield. The centre is extensively planted, with palms being the dominant plant.

Image showing Ambius Interior Landscaping at Meadowhall in Sheffield

Country Mall, Crawley, Sussex

A shopping centre in Crawley, Sussex, has had new plant displays installed. A stylish and contemporary feel was required. Plant displays are used mainly in the seating areas. The design of the interior landscaping here won a prestigious eFIG award in 2005.

Image representing Ambius Interior Landscaping at Country Mall, Crawley, Sussex

Friar's Square, Aylesbury

A large shopping centre in Aylesbury is the home to these interesting indoor plant displays.

Image representing Ambius Interior Landscaping at Friar's Square, Aylesbury
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