Transport portfolio

Ambius interior landscaping: we create environments that move people

From lounge areas to concourses and even station platforms, we can help you choose interesting indoor plant displays that provide soothing environments for stressed travellers.

We can also provide the right directional plants to guide people through large and unfamiliar spaces, such as airports or train stations; particularly useful as these are places where people with different cultures and different languages meet.

Our current portfolio for transport buildings includes:

Birmingham International Airport

Each Christmas, Ambius designs and installs a stunning festive display at the Birmingham International Airport for the benefit of passengers and colleagues alike.

Image showing Ambius Interior Landscaping at Birmingham International Airport

Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris has recently had its entire interior landscaping redesigned and updated. Each of the airport’s terminals has planters that follow a different theme, but all make use of the latest in contemporary plant pots and indoor plants.

Image showing Ambius Interior Landscaping at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

Train Station, Paris Metro

Stations along the new ultra-modern Météor line have incorporated landscape beds opposite the platforms. The landscape beds feature live indoor plants, the maintenance of which is a great challenge as the environment is very hostile. The plants get dirty quickly, have to cope with high temperatures and a lack of light, all of which is overcome by expert maintenance and innovative design.

Image showing Ambius Interior Landscaping at a Paris Metro Station
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