Biophilia - How we Connect with Nature

What is Biophilia?

First described by psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm in the 1960’s, Biophilia, simply put, is the Love of Life, or Living Systems. American Biologist Edward O. Wilson went further to introduce and popularise the ‘Biophilia hypothesis’ in the mid 1980’s, that we don’t just love all things in the natural world, but we are genetically connected to them. As humans, we have a deep desire to connect with nature whenever possible, which might explain why we keep plants, flowers and pets at home.

Our subconscious desire to be close to nature in our everyday lives continues even in the workplace and unfortunately as we see companies either taking away or never implementing such connections as plants, flowers or even fresh air, we now see more people feeling disconnected at work, and thus less productive.

We are sure you would like to know:

• How does Biophilia change the mindset in the workplace?   
• How can we practically introduce nature into the workplace without spending money unnecessarily?

Ask Ambius how. Take our interactive tour to find out how something so simple can play a significant part in your work environment.

Benefits of plants in the office
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