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Design Services

We have the design expertise to help you create the impact you’re looking for, by offering exceptional design capabilities and bespoke solutions to portray the essence of your brand.

Design is key, but we’ve got more than just looks to support our clients.

  • We offer the services of a design consultant to help you create your unique space
  • Our photo-imaging software shows you just what we can achieve for you
  • We’ll help you follow the latest design trends to stay ahead of the competition, and even Christmas decorations to provide a total experience.

We provide a worry-free interior landscaping service to ensure that you have the logistical support you need, knowing that your plants are taken care of and properly maintained.

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Our Team

Our service teams use the latest in methodology and technology to maintain the health of your plants and to react quickly to your needs.

Our people are key, and they’ve got the support tools to give you total peace of mind:

  • Our service teams use PDAs to provide instant proof of service and pro-actively manage any queries on an account.
  • Our admin staff are just a phone call away if you have any queries.
  • Our technology – sub-irrigation and plant materials – leads the industry in plant care.

Did you know that Ambius offers the option to sign your contract electronically?

As part of our ongoing 'going green' strategy to minimise our carbon footprint and be an environmentally responsible business, we have deployed Adobe Sign in order to securely and legally sign electronic contracts in accordance with the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 25 of 2002 (“ECTA“) - Advanced Electronic Signature requirement.

This means that we are moving away from paper contracts across our business. Customers can be assured that this is both a safe and legal way of conducting business, and electronic contracts will be stored in a secured location.

What does the term “Advanced Electronic Signature” mean?

According to ECTA, there are some instances where an electronic signature other than a standard electronic signature may be required and include circumstances where the law requires that an agreement or document must be in writing and signed.
In such instances, the document can only be signed with an advanced electronic signature as defined by ECTA.
In South Africa, an advanced electronic signature is only required for:
(1) a suretyship agreement and (2) signing as a Commissioner of Oaths.
There are some documents that are excluded entirely by ECTA. For example, ECTA excludes the following from being concluded electronically, whether or not an advanced electronic signature is used by the parties to sign:

  • agreements for the sale of immovable property;
  • long-term leases of land exceeding 20 years;
  • signing of a will; and
  • bills of exchange.

When you use Adobe,  a pop-up window helps you to verify a digital signature with information about the date and time the document was signed, the full names of the signer, the certificate information, its issuer and the expiry date so this method would suffice.

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