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Office Plants

Ambius design experts combine a variety of plants and containers to create beautiful displays that will bring your office interior to life. From large corporate office buildings to smaller workplaces our experts will work with you to exceed your expectations.

Live and artificial office plants for offices - maintained by our friendly team - are kept in excellent condition,  inspiring fresh ideas and lifting moods. Our wide variety of live desk plants can even reduce stress and influence office humidity.

Why are plants important for office spaces?

If you're looking to improve how your office interior looks, indoor plants are definitely the way to go. However, making a space look a lot nicer isn't the only benefit that plants can bring. They also make people happier, much healthier and overall, more productive! The air-purifying qualities of plants are great for keeping an indoor office space free from unwanted airborne pollutants - improving the wellbeing of the building occupants over time.

Although there are many physical benefits to be had from incorporating plants into your space; there are also many psychological benefits too: improved concentration on tasks, and relaxation, resulting in much more getting done in a day.  

Office Plant Service Options

All of our plants have very different needs, the same way each of our clients have different needs. Whatever your needs, we have a number of service options to make interior planting as simple as possible.

From live office plant hire and maintenance to our purchase only options, we have the right plan for you.

Our most popular plants for offices

Sansevieria Laurentii

Sansevieria is a genus of plants from Southern Africa which is related to Dracaena and the lily family. Their main feature is the thick, almost succulent leaves that are often long and strappy.

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