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Live Plants

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Live Plants

Just like our containers, our live plants come in various shapes and sizes. Whether you are after something bushy, or structured, desk bowl size or something tall to use as a focal point, we have just the plants for you.

By dividing our live plant range into those that thrive in low light, medium light and high light conditions, we have made it easier for you to see the types of plants that would best suit your workspace environment. This means not only do you and your colleagues benefit from the oxygenating plants but they also experience a boost in overall productivity.

Why use living indoor plants for businesses?

Live plants don’t just look great, they have many other benefits. Plants can improve workplace productivity, and reduce stress. They can improve indoor air quality, reduce dust levels and help regulate temperatures.

Remember, plants are not only green – we also have a stunning range of flowering Orchids to brighten up reception or meeting rooms.

We offer a number of different service options such as office plant hire and maintenance. To arrange a visit from one of our design consultants contact us online.

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