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Poor office hygiene is a major cause of employee absenteeism, and absenteeism costs businesses millions every year

All it takes is one unwell colleague to come to the office, or to fail to wash their hands after visiting the bathroom.

When you consider how many surfaces you touch every minute, every hour, every day whilst doing your job, it’s easy to understand how cross-contamination in the office can take place, because even post-pandemic, good hand hygiene practices are not routine for everyone!

Pathogens that cause common illnesses such as flu and gastroenteritis can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours - and surfaces that don't get routinely cleaned, such as keyboards, mice, and telephone headsets - are especially at risk of becoming a source of cross contamination. 

Ambius has the solution.

Techno hygiene addresses the risks of cross-contamination in the office:

  • Our Techno hygiene treatment will ensure that your office equipment is cleaned and sanitised to ensure the highest standards of hygiene in your workplace.
  • This specialised treatment will not only disinfect your office equipment - it also includes the removal of grime, dust, stains (like tea and coffee), food particles, skin cells, saliva and other debris from office equipment

Cleaning and sanitising frequently used office equipment such as telephones, switchboards, keyboards, monitors, CPU’s, photocopiers, fax machines and shredders improves staff health which in turn ensures better attendance. It also enhances a business's impression on its customers and employees.

Did you know that one out of every three people neglects to wash their hands after using the bathroom?

At Ambius, we can help you maintain the highest levels of workplace hygiene by incorporating our SaniGreen hand sanitiser units.  Our stylish hand sanitiser unit is available in white or silver and can accommodate a live plant or a silk plant based on your requirements. Set the right impression from the front door to the boardroom with this innovative Ambius product.

Email us to book your Techno Hygiene treatment and promote optimal hygiene levels in your workplace.

Benefits of Techno hygiene

Improve hygiene levels in the office:

Techno hygiene from Ambius provides your business with several key benefits:

  • Reducing employee absenteeism: cross-contamination - commonly associated with shared office equipment - can be reduced, thus reducing absenteeism and improving productivity levels.
  • Meeting changing employee expectations: employee expectations regarding hygiene at work have changed since the pandemic. 71% of employees are more fearful of germs on surfaces, 74% are more concerned that other people’s lack of hand hygiene will make them sick, and 84% of employees feel that it's important that their employers prioritise creating a safe and hygienic workplace*  
  • Enhancing staff morale: a clean office indicates a visible investment in employee well-being, which enhances staff morale, and in turn, leads to better productivity.
  • Preserving your equipment:  regular Techno hygiene treatments will remove grime, stains, dust and other debris, ensuring your office equipment is not only hygienic but also lasts longer.

*2021 Global Hygiene Reset Research report from Initial

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Professional Techno hygiene service from Ambius

Ambius service teams are professional, well trained and discreet, making use of carefully formulated and environmentally friendly preparations that are specially selected to leave your office equipment clean and hygienic.

Our regular services are pre-booked to ensure minimal disruption to your staff and colleagues.

Let our expert team take care of your occupational hygiene needs, so you can focus on what you do best.

Please contact us to book your techno hygiene treatment today and show employees that you take their hygiene concerns seriously.

Eating at your desk?

Did you know that eating at your desk further promotes the spread of bacteria and viruses?  The combination of food morsels, hair and skin build-up between the keys of your keyboard provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Book a techno hygiene service today to eliminate the build up of grime, food particles and harmful bacteria.

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