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Artificial Plants

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Artificial Plants, Trees & Flowers

Live plants are not always suitable for every environment. For example, office plants in large buildings without enough natural light may not always look their best. Ambius has a selection of beautiful artificial plants to choose from which will always look their best, however low the natural light levels are. Using the best replica plants on the market, you'll be amazed at how real they actually look and feel.

Artificial Plants

Using a range of stunning potted plants including maples, palms, bays and bamboo, we can design your office space and workplace to look lush, alive and more organic - with the knowledge that these plants won't wither and die. These plants come in a range of sizes to suit all spaces and of course, they are fire-retardant. The main benefit of artificial plants is the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that plants won’t lose their leaves due to plant diseases. Your artificial foliage displays will live on forever!

If you're unsure as to whether artificial plants will look great in your indoor space, don’t worry! Our designers will help you design the perfect display to really splash some colour into your environment. After we've agreed on the best design, we will deliver and install your display.

Why Use Artificial Plants Rather Than Live Ones?

  • Live plants are not suitable for every environment.  Plants won’t thrive and look their best in areas of the building without enough natural light.
  • Ambius offer a variety of replica plants which are Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR).
  • Service visits are less frequent: only 4 per year, as they don’t require constant maintenance.
  • Unlike live plants, replica plants can go into any light situation and are in fact ideal for building entrances. This is because they can withstand unpleasant weather conditions and don’t require water or constant maintenance.
  • Our artificial plants are of exceptional quality – you will find it difficult to tell the difference.

Artificial Trees

When you see an indoor tree can you tell if it's a replica or "fake"? The quality of artificial trees have come a long way over the years. Ambius can provide life like bespoke trees, across the UK. Our trees look very realistic and you really have to feel them to see if they are in fact artificial or not. From the branches & leaves to the trunk and stems, we can tailor the design for you! Whether it's a 1m high ficus or a 6m large tree, we have the quality and expertise to deliver.

Artificial Flowers

Are you looking for an alternative to costly fresh flowers? Would you like summer blooms all year round? No problem. We offer fabulous artificial flower displays in a variety of sizes, using the best artificial flowers on the market. Our Forever Arrangements are offered on a rental basis with periodic changes.

Not only that, your beautiful and unique flower arrangements don’t require the constant maintenance and replacement that real flowers do. Just a spot of regular cleaning will see your flowers always looking their stunning best. And perhaps best of all, our qualified and highly skilled florists will ensure that your corporate flowers look and feel as good as the real thing.

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