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Evergreen Art

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Evergreen Art

Exclusive to Ambius, Evergreen Art is a vertical display of beautiful and visually attractive silk succulents suited for indoor spaces. These replica succulents are knit together to create a colourful and textural tapestry, placed inside a wooden frame.

Various display options available

Evergreen Art can be set up to suit your interior colour scheme and complement your brand identity.

Size options:
- Square (60 x 60 x 9 cm)
- Rectangular (100 x 60 x 9 cm)

Wooden frames made from stained birch ply in 3 colour options:
- Dark wood
- White-washed
- Grey-washed

The available succulent plant displays themes are:
- Fresh - classic shades of green colours
- Warm - soulful shades of red and yellow colours
- Cool -  cool shades of blue and grey colours

The wide array of authentic looking and increasingly popular replica succulent varieties are used in the plant display. They present a collection of striking foliage, interesting colours and distinctive forms.

Interested in an unusual and striking Evergreen Art display for your interior environment? Contact Ambius to set up an appointment or call us on 0800 262 487.

Why use Evergreen Art?

Apart from its visual charm, our succulent wall framed gardens are perfect for areas where live plants are not an option.

In locations where watering is a challenge: Replica and silk plants do not require any water.

In environments with low light levels (below 200 lux): This includes areas such as passageways, boardrooms, reception areas and conference rooms.

In areas where space is limited: Vertical displays are becoming more and more popular as office space is at a premium. With Evergreen Art it is possible to achieve greenery in small or tight places, as it frees up valuable floor space.

In spaces where live planting is not an option: This includes areas such as restaurants and coffee shops.

In areas where access is not always permitted: Some sites  - such as hotel rooms, boardrooms, conference centres and training centres - present problems of inaccessibility. This also includes high security areas such as banks, embassies, laboratories, high technology companies, as well as executive areas within head offices. In these cases, maintenance of live plants becomes extremely difficult or impractical.

Cost effective planting: Artificial plants are more cost effective over their lifespan than live plants, offering options only previously available to premium locations.

Consistency: Because silk plants do not outgrow their designed space allocation, perfect foliage can be maintained all year round.

Durability: The deterioration of artificial plants is highly unlikely, and only takes place in instances of either physical damage or excessive UV light.

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