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Hospital Case Study

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Hospital Case Study

A well-known hospital in Richards Bay opened its flagship site in January 2018 and now provides a superb range of private healthcare services.  Ambius was invited to provide plant display solutions that would not only create a sense of calm and well-being in the hospital, but would also create a cosy feeling in the building for patients, residents, members, and employees.

The brief was to enhance the healing environment for patients and create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors that would not only leave a lasting impression, whilst at the same time not interfere with the day to day activities of the hospital.  Attention had to be on the quality of life in their building.

The Solution

Ambius managed to create the desired atmosphere by using plant displays as non-invasive, inexpensive and effective complementary medicine for patient wellbeing.  The choice of planters - matched to the interior - combined with green plants and wall art bring a relaxed feel to the environment.

A total of 84 plant displays were provided and each one was selected to fulfil specific requirements.  Ambius’ holistic approach was to “break up” large, empty, and soulless areas so that they become more friendly, cheerful and inviting. Different coloured containers were used to match the colour coding used by the hospital to differentiate each floor.

The Result

With their technical expertise and researched–backed solutions, Ambius worked closely with the customer to identify their needs and desires. In so doing, Ambius ensured that the plant displays provided are attractive and welcoming. The indoor environment of the hospital in Richards Bay now has a clean and contemporary plant design to go with their corporate look.  At the same time the plants’ restful and therapeutic value create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, whilst at the same time making the air healthier and promoting patient wellbeing.

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