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Office Case Study

One of our customer’s offices in Constantia Kloof (Gauteng) was recently refurbished and a new canteen was added to their premises.  The customer understood the appeal of plants in their old environment and, in line with their renovations, wanted to use plants to introduce a contemporary feel and a pleasant, warm, and welcoming atmosphere to their building. They asked Ambius to provide plant displays that would transform their space and create an inviting and positive atmosphere, where their staff would be happier, more motivated, and more productive.

The Solution

Ambius designed a new interior landscaping scheme taking into consideration that the plant displays needed to reflect the company’s values and corporate image. The plant displays were chosen to cope with a variety of environmental conditions, and not take up too much valuable floor space.

Greenery was used to soften the hard lines in the building and an assortment of differently shaped and sized containers were used to transform the décor into a more contemporary look. Ambius recommended decorative containers in the corporate blue, combined with neutral colours such as white and metal. A total of 156 plant displays were provided and each one of them contributes to the harmonious, soothing, and tranquil atmosphere of the building.

The Result

The new Ambius plant displays were completed within the available budget. They add value to the look and feel of the redesigned building.  By including Ambius plant displays the great new work space became organised in a way that each employee feels good, more comfortable, and relaxed in the new environment, and a sense of individuality and identity was created for each employee.

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